Matchsticks ~ Free Puzzle Game with Matches App Reviews

102 add


This app is great but I give it 4 stars because you should earn in game credits for every level you beat based on the number of tries it took you or something else and with the credits you can get more hints.

Great but stuck

I would like to start off by saying this is a great game. But in lvl 38 it asks me to move 2 matches. The question is 8+9=7. And I managed to do 6+3=9 but it wont let me move on. Im just wondering if its bugged and Im trying to help


Stuck on 23 omg fun game tho

Level 108

This level has a bit of a hiccup. The question is 6 + 4 = 4. I tried my anwser as 5 + 4 = 9 and it didnt work. The real answer is 8 - 4 = 4

Ads ads ads

So many ads I plays the game for 5min and there were at least 5 ads The game itself is not very challenging either Its almost as if the sole purpose of this game is to promote other games , with ads


I enjoy the game

Not so good

This isnt that great. There are too many adds, and also even if you make different possibilities that match what youre supposed to do, it doesnt count. There should be more possibilities, but the game only allows one. Also the game isnt really that challenging. The graphics also need a major upgrade.

The ads.

Despite being a lacklustre game, there are ads almost every game. Its super annoying. Dont waste time, get games that are exactly identical to it only better...

More ads then game

Ive seen more ads on this app then Ive been playing the game. That is ridiculous.

Good game

Its a good game but Im stuck on level 37 and have run out of hints and have done the level correctly but it wont let me pass it.


Good puzzles and a simple game, but it has random popup ads that are insanely loud, headphone users and music listeners beware.


Super awesome game. Really addictive. Stuck on level 199 forever though

Brutal game!

Way to many adds!!! I honestly do not kind adds. But this game takes it to the next level. Deleted the game for good today

Wasted money.

Dont buy hints!!!! This game has a habit of just taking hints away.

Great brain workout!

Love this game- cant wait for more levels.


In the next update you should add the ability to watch videos for hints

Playing ads, not sticks

It is full of ads and it blocks me from going back to a prvious level. I call this a bug from overloading with ads :)

Horrible ad structure

Ads layered over each other, phoney "x" exits, unsuspected interruptions in the middle of game play, a remarkable abundance of ads...They all ruin an otherwise great game.

Good game but

Really good game, WAY too many ads. If the ads werent popping up every second maybe the game could be better.

Very fun brain game

Ads dont pop up much and very good for the brain to date has 300 levels

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